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Team Doc is a method centered around the mission of getting a high volume of patients into your practice while building a relationship with the community and local sports teams. With the power of team sponsorships and a lasting connection, Team Doc will have you rapidly growing your practice in no time! 

Big Fish Team Doc

Team Doc is exceptionally simple; it is a service and method for bringing a high volume of patients through your doors. Team Doc is perfect for those practices that are wanting to care for more families, athletes, and have a stronger connection with the community. 

This is not a model for how you run your practice, what techniques you should utilize, or how many patients you see. Team Doc is purely a system of bringing new patients through the doors. 

Like many seasoned chiropractors, Dr. Jeff built his practice on spinal screenings. Monthly, for 19 years, he cared for 2,500 patients and averaged 35 new patients, capping out at $1.3M in yearly revenue. Since implementing the Team Doc System, Dr. Jeff and his team at Northern Life are averaging 62 new patients and seeing 3,500 patients per month, achieving $2.2M in revenue. Recently, Northern Life gave two 10 minute talks over a 90 minute time frame and scheduled 90 new patients simply by explaining how its clinic practices!

With Team Doc, there is no $10,000 gadget you need to buy. All of the marketing method's success is achieved through hard work, determination, and focus. 

Big Fish Team Doc

Big Fish Team Doc

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Ongoing Training & Benefits

  • Access to a Team Doc Exclusive Vault and Private Team Doc Facebook Group with tons of start up guides, tips, and training videos to perfect your strategy.

  • Access to a Exclusive Marketing Masters  Vault and Private Masters Facebook Group featuring how to event guides, internal and community outreach documents, shared marketing strategies and ideas from all Team Doc clinics.

  • Quarterly in-person Marketing Masterminds

  • Unlimited Doctor & Staff Training

  • Bi-monthly Team Doc / Marketing Masters Video

  • Zipcode exclusivity

Your Clinic's Impact with Team Doc



Becoming an active member in Team Doc gets you directly involved in local clubs, intramural leagues, and school sports teams allowing you to build your relationship with the community. 



Directly market to families in your community and bring in patients of all ages. Through sponsorship, you get the opportunity to share your mission and the benefits of the way you do practice to get entire families through your doors.



Collaborate with the marketing team and Doctors of other Team Doc clinics! Marketing Masters is an endless resource with a tremendous value offering marketing training, strategies, and ideas.


Having a strong relationship with one team, league, or club can spread the word of your practice and mission like wildfire to local schools and throughout your community. 


Team Doc is exceptionally simple; it is a service and method for bringing a high volume of patients through your doors. A 10-minute talk can bring in as many as 60 patients. 



Team Doc Clinic Testimonials

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