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 Big Fish Enterprises is a company founded on the idea of Paying It Forward to the future of chiropractic. Its first service was to help mentor, train, and then invest in young chiropractors so that they could "launch" into practice and not fall victim to being ill prepared for the business of chiropractic. Since then, Big Fish Enterprises has added Chiropractic Coaching, Physical Therapy Integration, and a New Patient Acquisition Program called Team Doc to its offerings. Team Doc is rocket fuel for practices that are interested in serving kids, families, and athletes. 
Bi-annually, Big Fish hosts the CHIROLife Conference, a gathering of chiropractors and their teams for a weekend of fun, education, inspiration, and team building.  This event is held in the Minneapolis area, is welcome to ALL chiropractors, and is one of the greatest motivational event held yearly in the midwest.
Dr. Jeff Danielson

Dr. Jeff Danielson


Dr. Jeff Danielson is a passionate entrepreneur who loves teaching others and is dedicated to investing in the future of chiropractic. In 1999, he opened his first chiropractic clinic, Northern Life Wellness, and has since expanded his practice to one of the largest and most profitable in the Midwest. 

In 2007 Dr. Jeff started Big Fish Enterprises so he could dedicate his decades of experience and expertise to training, coaching, and investing in young Doctors across the country. Since the founding of Big Fish, Dr. Jeff has purchased and sold numerous businesses, inspired other business owners with his passion for marketing, and continues to Pay It Forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs and chiropractors.
Some of his most recent investments include a variety of restaurants,  a hospitality management company, several commercial real estate properties, and a hospice and home health care company. As the owner of 19 Limited Liability Companies, Dr. Jeff is always searching for new opportunities to Pay It Forward and invest in businesses that better their surrounding communities. 

Dr. Jeff resides in the suburbs of Minneapolis with his lovely bride Dyonne and their two pups Thor and Tate. Maddy, their eldest daughter, is a recent U.S. Army Veteran and is pursuing her Masters Degree for Social Work. Their youngest, Sydney, attends college for Data Science in Hawaii, and Cooper, their son, recently graduated with a degree in College Ministry. Dr. Jeff's greatest mission is to continue to grow in his faith and help lead others toward their true purpose in life.

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Northern Life Wellness

13955 West Preserve Boulevard #200
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 890-0804

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