Big Fish Enterprises is a company founded on the idea of Paying It Forward to the future of chiropractic.  Our first service was to help mentor, train, and then invest in young chiropractors so that they could "launch" into practice and not fall victim to being ill prepared for the business of chiropractic.  Since then, Big Fish Enterprises has added chiropractic coaching and PT integration to it's offerings as well as a New Patient Acquisition program called Team Doc.  Team Doc is rocket fuel for practices that are interested in serving kids, families, and athletes.  Also falling under Big Fish Enterprises is The Big Fish Rally which is a gathering of chiropractors and their teams for a weekend of fun, education, inspiration, and team building.  This event is held twice yearly in the Minneapolis area, is open to ALL chiropractors, and is the greatest motivational event held yearly in the midwest.

Dr. Jeff Danielson

  Dr. Jeff Danielson is a passionate and creative entrepreneur.  He began his business career by opening a chiropractic clinic in 1999.  He grew his chiropractic practice from nothing to be one of the largest and most profitable in the Midwest.  Adjunct faculty at two universities, Dr. Jeff loves to teach others and is genuinely invested in the future of other entrepreneurs.​ For the last decade he has been training, coaching, and investing in young doctors across the country.  His company, Big Fish Enterprises, has bought and sold numerous businesses, inspired countless business owners with its passion for marketing, and continues to Pay It Forward to the next generation of business owners.


  Most recently, Dr. Jeff has purchased four restaurants, owns a hospitality management company, developed multiple commercial real estate properties, and is partners in one of the nation's largest hospice and home health care companies in the nation.  Owner of 19 Limited Liability Companies, Dr. Jeff is always on the hunt for a new opportunity that makes sense and fits the purpose of his portfolio.


  Privately, Dr. Jeff resides in a Minneapolis suburb with his boyhood crush Dyonne and enjoys watching his youngest kid,  Sydney play high school tennis.  His oldest, Maddy, just graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a youth ministry degree and is now enlisted in the Army.  Dr. Jeff can often be found on the softball field, golf course, volleyball court, or at a Twins game.  Dr. Jeff's heartfelt desire is that he grow in his faith in Jesus Christ and help lead others toward their higher purpose.

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Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 890-0804
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