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The Big Fish Coaching Program offers mentorship and coaching tactics that help chiropractors advance their clinics and practices as Doctors and leaders. All members of the Big Fish Coaching Program receive in-person, virtual, and phone coaching calls with Dr. Jeff and a network of over a dozen of the most successful Chiropractors in the Midwest. Not only are members of the Coaching Program a part of a great network, but they have access to the Big Fish Coaching Vault comprised of documents beneficial for starting, maintaining, and growing a successful practice!

Diving Deeper Than Chiropractic 

The Big Fish Coaching Program was created to offer guidance and mentorship for both recent graduates and established Chiropractors. While all students and Chiropractors have learned the fundamentals of what it means to be a Doctor, often many struggle with what it means to be a business owner. 


With every practice, there is a need for more than just Chiropractic; there is a need for leadership, management, sales, marketing, empathy, and community engagement. It was because of this need that Dr. Jeff took his decades of Chiropractic and business-owning experience and created the Big Fish Coaching Program. With help from the coaching program, you can have the tools you need to be successful in all phases of your career and be fulfilled both in practice and in life.

Paying it ForwarD

It all started when Dr. Jeff opened his first Chiropractic practice in 1999. Starting from nothing, he grew his practice to be one of the largest and most profitable in the Midwest. Having done so, he is now able to focus his time on Paying it Forward to the future of other entrepreneurs by training, coaching, and investing in young Doctors across the country.

Since he founded Big Fish Enterprises in 2009, Dr. Jeff has made it his mission to provide coaching tactics that will help both young and established Doctors advance themselves and their practice. In doing so, he strives to ensure that in your success, you have time to focus on what is most important to YOU. 

The Perfect Program for YOU

The Big Fish Coaching Program is perfect for all types of clinics. Whether your practice is small with few employees or high volume with many, the key to every clinic is purpose and profitability. Dr. Jeff's coaching program is personal, hands-on, and guaranteed to help you achieve your goals and succeed in both your practice and life! 

Benefits of the Big Fish Coaching Program 

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Access to Exclusive Coaching Vault

  • Access to Staff at a High Volume DC/PT Clinic

  • Monthly Big Fish Bootcamp Webinars 

  • Statistic Tracking & Practice Analysis

  • Physical Therapy Integration Coaching

Physical Therapy Integration Coaching

Big Fish's Physical Therapy Integration Coaching is offered to those Clinics looking to offer, or already offering Physical Therapy Services. This program offers full service coaching ranging from covering equipment purchase, therapist acquisition, therapist credentialing, billing and coding, marketing, goal setting and statistic tracking. 

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