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The Big Fish Associate Development Program was created to invest in the success of young chiropractors and the future of chiropractic. Within the program, students and graduates have the opportunity to train with and learn how to grow a practice and business side by side with our clinics' Doctors. The program gives motivated Doctors the educational and financial means necessary to start their own successful practice and make an impact in their community. 

Big Fish Training & Consulting

Big Fish Training & Consulting is a program that was developed in 2009 to give back in a meaningful way to our chiropractic community. Big Fish truly believes that if we focus on helping others become successful that success will, in turn, return to us and to the profession as a whole. With that focus, we developed a program that allows new graduates to train with our team for 18-24 months.


Once the graduate has completed their training, we will help them find a practice of their own and purchase it for them. Within 5 years, that graduate has the opportunity to purchase the practice back from us to obtain full ownership. During that five-year period and beyond, it is our collective mission to help the young Doctor succeed in every way possible in giving the best care to their patients.

Giving You the Tools YOU Need

​Big Fish is always looking for individuals to invest in.  Our goal is to have graduates in the program walk in our shoes, watch our decision making on a daily basis, and know everything that we know. These graduates will adjust patients with us, elbow to elbow, and experience running a high volume wellness and corrective care clinic.


We strive to impart a collective 60 years of business and chiropractic experience into an individual in 18-24 months and then walk with them through their first few years of owning a practice so that they have the tools to be successful from day one. Our goal is not to own multiple clinics, it is to birth successful clinics to be well trained, highly motivated, hardworking, honest chiropractors. There is no hidden agenda; it’s all about paying it forward. 

Creating a Success Culture

Because we only work with 3-5 young chiropractors at a time, we are selective about those that want to become a part of our team. Those Doctors that are apart of the Associate Development program must have a heart of gold, solid integrity, a strong work ethic, and always be willing to go the extra mile. Not only do we love working with recent graduates, but we enjoy training students that are in the last 6-12 months of their schooling. We have had several interns complete their schooling with us before starting their training full time.

There are multiple ways that Doctors can become involved in our training and consulting program. While we work with several recent grads and students, Big Fish also provides business consulting for Doctors who are looking to launch their practice to the next level. Within the Big Fish Family, we have created a Success Culture between our clinics, allowing us to share our visions, ideas, and resources. We're all in it for the success of the whole Big Fish Family and the chiropractic profession. 

Benefits of the Associate Development Program 

  • Full Big Fish Associate Entrepreneur in Training Program

  • All Big Fish Curriculum for Team Leading

  • Full Team Doc Membership & zip code exclusivity

  • Marketing Masters Membership

  • All Team Contracts

  • Weekly CEO call with Dr. Jeff

  • Monthly CEO call with Dr. Jeff

  • Bi-monthly Big Fish Training video

  • Bi-monthly Team Doc / Marketing video

  • Monthly Q & A Live (30-45 minutes)

  • Free Admission for the Biannual ChiroLife Conference

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