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Use our resident wellness seminar guide, handout worksheet examples, and Dr. Jeff's talk recording in preparing to give your own resident wellness talk. While this talk should be educational, it should also be fun and engaging for the residents! Bring snacks and beverages along with some spines and poster of the Autonomic Nervous System. Bringing visuals and using verbiage that is easily understood will help attendees understand the importance of what you're speaking on and show them the value of what your services can offer them.

All designs were created on Canva and can be edited and personalized for your practice. To customize any of the items below, contact Rachel Gooding at!

Use outline and worksheet in addition to watching Dr. Jeff's talk in preparation for giving your own seminar on arthritis.

Lemonade and Cookies (2).png

Cookies pair great with some lemonade, juice, tea, or coffee. Ask activities director for an estimate attendance. It's always better to have too much rather than not enough!


Print out educational worksheets with the included article on the back and hand out with pens to residents.

If you're wanting to give a different wellness talk than one on arthritis, send this flyer to the activities director or whoever you are coordinating the seminar with. Have them select which topic they think will be most beneficial.

Send or bring to senior facility days before your seminar for them to hang up and promote to residents.

Wondering what to say when reaching out to senior homes? Use our email template for guidance. If your patient is a resident at the facility ask them who is best to contact.

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