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During the quarterly Masters, marketing coordinators and Doctors from around the Midwest collaborate on all things marketing; social media, events, community outreach, reactivation, everyday tips and tricks, and more! Whether you are re-watching a past Marketing Masters Zoom or taking it all in for the first time, you are bound to take away great ideas, insight, and inspiration!

Keep the New Year Momentum Going

Dr. Jeff & Big Fish's Marketing Strategist, Rachel host the 2021 Q1 Marketing Masters. During the Masters, Dr. Jeff and Rachel discuss how to amp up your internal marketing through Big Fish's NEW Patient Reactivation Package. Whether it be direct mail, text message, phone calls, or email, we've got your back in getting YOUR patients back through your doors!

Patient experience & the marketing mindset

Dr. Jeff, Special Guest John Owens, and Marketing Strategist Rachel discuss optimizing your website, the Mindset of Marketing, and Big Fish's new Patient Experience clinic visits! Watch to learn how to get more referrals, be inspired, and discover the common strengths and growth opportunities from recent Patient Experience visits!

Practice Stats, What to Track, & Why Big Fish Bootcamp

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During this Bootcamps, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Justin discuss how to be smart about running your business and knowing your numbers. Learn what you should be tracking in your practice and freshen up on your stat tracking for the New Year.